Matsumoto Tomohitoは大阪のギタリスト、作曲家、即興演奏家。 
作曲作品を演奏するバンド「天体」では、Mujika Easel、Lavender Pillowなどの活動で知られる辰巳加奈(ピアノ)とともに2016年に「voyage」をリリース。 
その他でも、Lavender Pillowでギターとして参加。 
Ryuta Kobayashiがマスタリングを担当し、テープレコーダーのスーピーカーからの音をマイクで拾いデジタル化する手法を用いている。 
ジャケットはデザインは伊藤直美(Nomi Itou)が担当。 

Matsumoto Tomohito is a guitarist ,a composer, an impromptu musician in Osaka. 
Matsumoto plays the instrumental music of the guitar with the solo product.The performance is primitive; impromptu. 
He is active in the band "Tentai" playing a composition work. 
Tentai is the band to play with Kana Tatsumi (piano) known as activity such as Mujika Easel, Lavender Pillow.They released "voyage" in 2016. 

Matsumoto purchased an old tape recorder to record soundtrack for school days.This album is recorded with the old tape recorder.It is the performance that is original in a primitive although being rough-planed. 
Ryuta Kobayashi is in charge of the mastering. 
Nomi Itou is in charge of the design of the jacket. 
Matsumoto Tomohito/First Demo 
April 20, 2018  
Tape Only 50 copies/snri-c11
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